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Just a Dream
New Book ~ Just Released!

Illustration from Just A Dream

“A delightful story book”

Just a Dream is a delightful story book for children that tells the tale of a little boy who goes on an incredible adventure with his toy penguin.
With stunning illustrations and an important moral tale to teach, this book will have the kids begging for bedtime so they can hear the story again and again.” — Full House! Magazine.

“Entering life's eternal stream”

“A little boy goes on an incredible adventure with his toy penguin and learns an important lesson along the way in charming new children’s book Just a Dream. The 36-page title, released through Mind Body Spirit publisher, Pick-a-Woo Woo, is by talented UK based artist and author Dorreya Wood... Dorreya combines beautiful illustrations that echo the work of The Snowman creator Raymond Briggs with charming tales that carry a deeper message about the underlying “Oneness” of life... With empowering words and captivating artwork, Just a Dream is a book that will touch the heart, enlighten the mind and stir the spirit of every young reader...” — Mind Body Spirit Magazine.


“Aimed at primary school aged children, Just a Dream follows an adventure experienced by ‘free spirited’ Justin, whose behaviour leaves plenty to be desired. Justin steals a penguin from a zoo and has a meltdown on his birthday because he was unimpressed with the presents. He is awakened later that night by one of his presents - a toy penguin - who takes him on a spiritual journey and teaches him about his Higher Self. The book is written in rhyme and beautifully illustrated in a dreamy style similar to Raymond Briggs... The story is published by Pick-A-Woo Woo, who have a series of mind body and spirit books aimed to encourage spiritual growth in children... and there are many who could do with a touch of spiritual enlightenment instead of Bratz annuals.” — Chopsy Baby

“Fabulous bedtime book”

“I’ve just finished reading Dorreya Wood’s lovely book Just a Dream to 6-year-old Juliette for the first time and I think it will be read many times in the future. It’s written entirely in verse and I couldn’t help putting on my voice that I use to read Dr Seuss’s The Cat in the Hat so a great time was had by all!... It’s a lovely book and it’s complicated enough to be a book to read and enjoy many times which will lead to some great discussions. The illustrations are also great for kids to look at and point things out in, so it’s a fabulous bedtime book for 5–8 year olds...” — Madhouse Family Reviews!

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Bliss ~ Reviews
Illustration from Bliss

“a superb bed-time story”

“...I found it to be a sweetly simple and profound book that would appeal to chronological children and those of us who are kids in grown up suits. The theme that weaves through it is of interconnection regardless of appearance. The iridescently colored butterfly named Bliss, shares wisdom with cynical creatures such as birds, a squirrel, a lamb and snail and regales them with a poem at every turn... Knowing who you are is truly precious, as is this brilliantly scribed and magnificently illustrated book.” — Rev. Edie Weinstein, The Bliss Blog Review

“...a delightful and uplifting tale about a blissful little butterfly that is the only creature in the meadow that is aware of the fact that all creation is united-that we are all One. Beautifully illustrated by the author, this book is a wonderful introduction to spirituality for children of all ages... It would be a superb bed-time story for them-definitely worth buying!” — R. Nash

“I was given this book as a gift recently following the death of my father and it really does make you see how the person you have lost will always be with you. It is so beautifully illustrated - the author is obviously very talented and the story flows so well. It is lovely to read to children but as an adult it gives so much too. I would highly recommend it for its lovely illustrations and thought-provoking messages.” — J. Shaw

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Illustration from Planet CannibalPlanet Cannibal ~ Reviews

“the best kind of fairy tale”

“I really love this book... the thoughts are really deep so the story stays with you. It’s like the best kind of fairy tale or science fiction story, there’s a lot more going on than the words seem to say... What makes it so good is the fact it leaves the reader thinking... It is scary, but...it’s the kind of scary that makes you want to go out and be brave. Did I say I really love this book?”— Séamus Brough, author of ‘Go Vegan Go’

“An interesting new book from Dorreya Wood, suitable for young teenage readers. Set on an alien planet where the inhabitants eat ‘creef’ and ‘crork’, the flesh of their fellows! The book shows how greed has got the better of the ruling class and led them to do all manner of unspeakable things, and at the same time helps to show the worth of animals in relation to humans.” — The Vegan Society magazine

“In Planet Cannibal Dorreya Wood has created a parallel world to our own, which allows us to view from without, a place where there is no compassion and the inhabitants are ignorant of how the choices they make affect everything around them... The book sets forth all the arguments for veganism: the cruelty of the meat and dairy industry, the environmental detriment and inherent wastefulness of a meat based diet and the health implications for both those creatures commercially farmed and those that consume them... How honouring it is to be described as one of ‘those to whom speaking the truth and sticking to their principles mattered more than having an easy life’... — To Happy Vegans Website - book review

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