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“Is all that we 
See or seem
But a dream
A dream.”
Edgar Allan Poe

Just a Dream


Planet Cannibal

Just A Dream by Dorreya Wood

Justin steals a penguin from a zoo, and the consequence leads him to a flight in the night and an exciting adventure in a distant snowy land. It also leads him to the discovery of a timeless truth...
Just a Dream underpins the concept of the illusory nature of the world, revealing that life is an ongoing journey of creation and growth, and only love is lasting and real. With empowering words and captivating illustrations, this book will touch the heart and stir the spirit of every young reader.

Just A Dream by Dorreya Wood
£6.95 £5.95 + £2.25 p&p
An enchanting story about a child who sets off on a magical journey to a snowy world inhabited by a band of playful penguins and their wise Prince.
After gliding back home at dawn on a floating ice-cake,  Justin makes an exciting discovery and learns about the adventure we call life, and our Higher Self  who guides us always.

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