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“The body is a tiny
Fence around a
Little part of a
Glorious and
Complete idea.”
ACIM, p.390

Just a Dream


Planet Cannibal

Bliss by Dorreya Wood

Within the context of an appealing woodland tale, containing all the elements of a classic fable, Bliss awakens us to our connectedness with each other and all creation. Sensitively touching upon the transience of the physical form and the eternal nature of spirit, the story develops - at times humorously as well as poignantly - towards a breathtaking climax.

Bliss by Dorreya Wood
£6.95 + £2.25 p&p*
Animated with beautiful pictures and vibrant verse, Bliss is a tale of trans-formation, introducing the concept of the unity of all creation. It tells the story of an enlightened little butterfly who sees beauty and value in every living thing, spreading light and joy wherever she goes.
Through her joyful understanding, we learn that we are all part of everything; eternal, universal, and infinite.

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