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About Dorreya Wood

Dorreya WoodDorreya studied Art and design at Chelsea College of Art, London. She has travelled, and lived on three continents, and says she understands her true  abode is in a realm beyond, where each of us is journeying back home to.

In addition to her writing, illustrating, and holistic therapies, Dorreya has worked in a wide variety of environments, including interior design and public libraries. Following the birth of her children, she worked in a nursery school, ran playgroups, and taught French in primary schools. She has also worked with children and adults with learning difficulties.

Some of her many other interests include music; - playing the guitar and piano when time permits - reading, meditation, philosophy and nature. Having pursued various paths and traditions over the years, Dorreya’s spiritual quest eventually led her to the study of A Course in Miracles, and she has become a devoted student.

As an ardent advocate of a healthy and compassionate vegan lifestyle, one of Dorreya’s long-standing passions is for wholesome cruelty-free cooking which pleasurably occupies much of her spare time.

Dorreya is also fervent about books, particularly the introduction of young people to the Mind Body Spirit field, and is heartened to observe a growing trend in their availability.